A Touch of Champagne Pink For The Big Day


I’ve previously mentioned in my old blog years ago that I wanted to make my own wedding dress. And that I didn’t think I was crazy enough to do that.

Turns out I am, a little.

I’ve already got the evening gowns settled (bought them from a bridal gown sale) but for my nikah, I want to make it special. Why do I want to make my own wedding nikah dress? Because I can. And because I want to keep it as a memory.

Several years ago, I took a dressmaking course and have sewn outfits for other occasions before but of course, a wedding dress is totally different. But since I want to make my nikah outfit simple, I think it should be quite manageable, no? I bought some fabrics – laces and satins – from Pasar Baru at Bandung last year and have some designs in mind. Now here’s praying that it would be executed well, InsyaAllah.

Meanwhile how’s this dress for some inspiration. The chiffon, the layering, the texture and the touch of sweet champagne pink colour of the fabric and the ribbon, everything about it is just so dreamy…