Because the Night Has a Magic Peace

Ahh the golden question of all time. Early bird or Night owl?

As much as I would love and have tried to be an early bird, I would like to admit that I am more productive at night.

Because the night has a certain kind of magical peace that I love. This magical peace enables me to endeavour my magical pieces with a clearer piece of mind.

Unless I have an urgent task to complete, usually after my dawn prayers I am always stoning out in the morning. A cuppa smoothie, coffee or green tea to accompany me wake up my sleepy eyes and mind.

Ironically, I become an early bird when I am overseas. My body clock suddenly changes and I wake up at dawn never to go back to sleep again. Suddenly, everything appears more beautiful, more exciting, more spectacular when I am not in my hometown. This always happens every time, even if I have been to the place more than once.

Such is the irony of life. But what is life without irony? 🙂

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On Top At Lindis Pass, NZ (Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top)

This week’s topic is perfect for me since I’m in the midst of blogging about my honeymoon in Queenstown, New Zealand. So I will share three perspectives of this week’s theme based on the trip, of pictures that I have not shared in my previous posts.

1. On our way from Tekapo to Wanaka, my husband and me passed by scenic Lindis Pass, which was one of the filming spots for Lord of The Rings.

ontop3 (1)ontop3 (2)  ontop3 (3)

2. The view from our accommodation in Queenstown for the last day, Reavers Lodge which is located at the top of the hill. Challenging drive up due to the steep slope, but breathtaking view from up here.


3. And lastly, me enjoying myself climbing on top of a tree in Queenstown Gardens.


Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

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  2. Kiwimoon: Mesmerizing Milford Sound (Day 3)
  3. Kiwimoon: Starry, Starry Lake Tekapo (Day 4)

Kiwimoon: Starry, Starry Lake Tekapo (Day 4)

28th February 2014, Friday

Today we would be heading for a 3-hour drive to Lake Tekapo, which spans a distance of 255km from Queenstown. We would be spending a night at a small town called Tekapo, where it is one of the best stargazing spots in NZ hence the main purpose for our trip there. Tekapo is part of the Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve, which is ultimately part of the International Dark Sky Reserves around the world.

But first, a goodbye to our lodge that has served us well for the past 3 days…

We’re going to miss you, Shotover Lodge. If Allah wills, we’ll definitely come back here again.

And then a quick stop to Queenstown central before starting our drive. Not saying goodbye to Queenstown yet for now as we would be coming back on the last day for souvenir shopping and to catch our return flight.

A stop at Turkish Kebabs where the owner packed small kebabs for our breakfast-on-the-road…

Starting off our long drive with a Bismillah and a prayer for Allah to keep us safe throughout the journey, InsyaAllah. Du’a for protection against danger: “In the Name of Allah with His Majestic name none can harm you through the skies or earth. For Allah is All-Hearing and All-Knowing.”

So here we go… Husband as the driver and me as the commentator, safety personnel, signboard reader, singer (haha, gotta keep the driver awake.. but unfortunately I did fall asleep at some point).

50 minutes into the drive, we made our first stop at Cromwell; 55 km from Queenstown. There is a supermarket, petrol kiosk and washrooms at most stops on the road. So we took a short break to stretch our legs and explore the area. Another hour later we reached Omarama, another stop in our journey. However, it was also here that a hail storm started to fall! Hubs and me thought it was normal rain… until we were hit by small ice cubes and discovered that they were hailstones. After about 15 minutes, the hail storm stopped but it was then replaced by intermittent rain which unfortunately got heavier as we drove along.

In front of the supermarket at Omarama..Taking a short break from the drive before it started raining ice cubes.
Spotted: a humanitarian book project run by local volunteers.

We had no choice but to continue with the journey. We could not possibly stop halfway for a long period of time as it would delay our arrival to Lake Tekapo. So even though we were terrified, we made lots and lots of du’as and selawat all the way. Alhamdulillah, Allah kept us safe and sound. Always remember that Allah is here, there and everywhere. It’s Allah’s lands you are traversing on, so leave it to the One in-charge, the Owner of the roads, trees and mountains.

Driving in the rain..Perhaps Allah sent down the rain so that in our enjoyment, we don’t forget to remember Him.

Another hour of driving in the rain, with a last stop at Twizel and we’ve finally reached the town of Tekapo. It was still raining heavily when we reached Tekapo central, and we’ve never been more relieved to reach this town, Alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah at Tekapo after almost 4 hours of driving; took longer than expected due to the rain. (P.S: It was still raining when we reached, this pic was taken much later on).

After a brief rest in the car, we proceeded deeper into Tekapo towards Lake Tekapo Cottages, our lodging for the night.

Lake Tekapo Cottages houses 7 kinds of self-contained, separate cottages.

And guess what! As soon as we reached the vicinity Lake Tekapo Cottages, it started to snow!!! We were checking in when Steve, the guy at the reception pointed to us, “Hey look! It’s snowing! Like Christmas!” It had only stopped raining a while ago so we were ecstatic when we saw that true enough, little drops of snow had started to slowly fall… it was such a beautiful sight SubhanAllah. It felt like a reward for us from Allah for going through the challenging drive, and I will never forget this moment InsyaAllah.

Alhamdulillah it’s SNOWING! Our first snow for the both of us so needless to say we were excited bunnies.

Then Steve showed us the way to our lodge…

Such a lovely pathway to our cottage which is located just behind that tree…

And this is our cottage, the very cozy Potting Shed. It was just as described by the website; “The Potting Shed is more of a studio/cabin layout with double bed, and bathroom. TV, toaster and jug supplied (no major cooking facilities). This cottage is small, but nicely furnished and comfortable. There are dishes supplied for takeaways or a light salad type meal.”

Loving the bright colors and the coziness of this little cottage which was just nice for the both of us.

The rest of the evening was spent exploring our surroundings. First stop – a few minutes walk and we’ve reached the lake, looking as breathtaking as always.

IMG_8504_2IMG_8505_2  IMG_8547_2 IMG_8555_2


Scenery overload… everything’s just so beautiful. SubhanAllah.

Obligatory couple selfie @ Lake Tekapo!

Nearer to the vicinity of our cottage, lies some of the other different types of cottages housed by Lake Tekapo Cottages.

The Mina Cottage, which can house one family or a group of friends.
The Tui Studio Cottage, which suits two persons.

One of the wonderful things about this cottage is that the owner loves flowers so much that she even has her own flower garden at the cottage, which she plants and maintains herself!

A beautiful flower garden taken care with love by the owner, Amena.
A beautiful flower garden taken care with love by the owner, Amena.
Red carnations
White daisies
Yellow carnations
Don’t know what flowers these are, possibly petunias or anemones? Love the vivid magenta!
The door to the garden which is situated just beside the potting shed. Alternatively, you can also enter the garden from the front entrance.

There are even benches and picnic chairs for you to just rest and relax here…

Such cozy ambience and a relaxing atmosphere amongst the flowers and greenery…

After dinner, we headed to the surrounding of the Church of The Good Shepherd, in which the area is one of the best spots for stargazing at Lake Tekapo. It was really dark by then and we were not allowed to use any kind of artificial lights (so flash lights and smartphone brightness were a no-no, only red lights were allowed) as part of conserving the natural brightness of the (dark) sky. You could also go up to the Mt. John Observatory for a better view, but we decided to just stick to the church area which was just a 5-8 minutes walk from our cottage.

This is how the church looks like at day time though.

(We did not go into the church, just hung around the vicinity searching for the best spot for gazing at the stars…)

And this is how it looks like when we came, except it was a little cloudy so slightly less bright, but still bright nonetheless.

Starry, starry night… Makes the sky so bright… Oh what a beautiful night!

(Image source: Telegraph UK)

During the day the skies are blue and clouds float aplenty. But as night unfolds, the scene changes into dark purplish blue filled with a thousand glittering stars. The Southern Hemisphere allows for a much higher visibility of stars and if you’re lucky, you get to see some planets floating by. And Alhamdulillah, we were fortunate enough to see planet Mars appear, looking like an orangey non-blinking dot amongst the sparkling white ones (while stars have a blinking effect, planets do not). We also saw planet Venus as well as the Sirius star (which Allah specifically mentions in Surah An-Najm, ayat 49) and Orion’s belt, thanks to Google Skymaps which we used to locate the stars and planets and their names.

SubhanAllah it was such a beautiful, amazing, surreal experience. Plenty of moments for reflection… Plenty of verses Allah has mentioned in the Quran on stars and the constellations…

“And it is He who placed for you the stars that you may be guided by them through the darknesses of the land and sea. We have detailed the signs for a people who know.” ~Surah Al-An’am, verse 97

“And We have placed within the heaven great stars and have beautified it for the observers.” ~ Surah Al-Hijr, verse 16

“That He is the Lord of Sirius (the Mighty Star)” ~Surah An-Najm, 49

“Indeed, We have adorned the nearest heaven with an adornment of stars ~Surah As-Saffatt, 6

“Blessed is He Who made constellations in the skies, and placed therein a Lamp and a Moon giving light; ~ Surah Al-Furqan, 61

Alhamdulillah for the experience. Stargazing at New Zealand… check!

The next day we would be heading to our next destination, the wonderful town of Wanaka.

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Kiwimoon: Mesmerizing Milford Sound (Day 3)

27th February 2014, Thursday

At 7.30 am, we waited by the carpark of our lodge for the bus to Milford Sound. We were picked up by a small yellow minibus, Connectabus, which brought us to the Clock Tower in Queenstown central. Then we transferred to another bus – the bus with a glass ceiling, which we booked via Milford Sound Select – and met other travelers heading to the fjord.

Good Morning Queenstown central!

It takes approximately 4 hours to and fro the harbour of Milford Sound, in which the boat will take us along the fjord for about 2 hours. We decided not to drive as we were unfamiliar with the roads and wanted to avoid the long drive. The Singaporean uncle we met the day before shared with us that if you stayed at Te Anau, it would be nearer to Milford Sound, and that they would be driving there. Anyway, the journey itself were breathtaking, filled with spectacular sceneries and many quirks like these.

Flocks of sheep crossing the road.. The bus had to stop and let them pass by. It was such a cute sight!
Yes, those are real. Those clouds. Hubs and me were so mesmerized with the clouds, SubhanAllah.

About 2.5 hours into the drive, our bus driver James stopped us at Te Anau for a short break where we had our cuppa coffee and some breakfast.

Cafe was our shelter from the strong winds at Te Anau, which we quickly discovered upon alighting from our bus.
The selection of coffee available. One flat white and one hot chocolate please!
We didn’t order any food since we actually brought along cheese sandwich which we pre-packed before we left.

We soon continued our journey afterwards, and James stopped us along The Milford Road.

The Milford Road, 119km long, is the most accessible way to experience the scenic grandeur to Milford Sound.
Here the steep mountain faces are covered with thick vegetation.
So we took the opportunity to strike a pose with these majestic mountains..

Then another stop at the Mirror Lakes!

Mirror Lakes is known as one of the world’s heritage site, is a set of lakes that reflects the scenery around it.
Creative signboard, I must say.
Stunning mirror effect!
Back to our bus after a good 15 minutes..

We made another stop along another river, where we can also refill our waterbottles from the glacial waters.

Even though it’s Summer in NZ, the areas at Fiordland are always cold and windy. I can’t imagine coming here in Winter, brrr…
How to fill your waterbottles at a river stream? Position your bottle with the current, and not against/opposite the current, so your water does not take in any debris or dirt meant to flow away.
Beautiful snowcap mountains surrounding us.
The other side of the river, the rocky road leading us to the fiord…

Undeniably, there’s a lot of waterfalls in the fiord area. James made a final stop before the fiord and we went in to explore the area. It was Heaven for waterfall lovers like us!

Rapid currents of the river creating a spectacular mini waterfall…
See the color of the water – in magnificent turquoise SubhanAllah!
The view of the Mitre Peak from here, so near yet so far…
Back in our bus, where we could see the view of Mitre Peak from our glass-window bus, which means that we’re nearly reaching Milford Sound! Excited!

And finally, we have reached the harbour where we will embark aboard the boat on Milford Sound…

At Milford Wharf Visitor Centre.
And that is our boat that will take us aboard the fiord.

Off we go!

The ticket issued to everyone; already paid for in the tour payment, indicating the date of tour (27 Feb 2014 for us).
Free flow of coffee and tea available. There is also a small bistro where you can get some pastries and snacks.
The upper deck of the boat, which is the best place to experience Milford Sound fully with your sights, sounds and senses.
IMG_8446 It was extremely windy and wet on the upper deck, which is normal as Milford Sound is known as one of the wettest places in the world. It did not rain the day we went, but the weather was really cold and the wind stung my eyes a little. Do be prepared and pack your jackets/windbreakers and gloves along.
Look at the misty mountains, SubhanAllah… That shows how cold it was out there!
A fiord is a is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created by glacial erosion.
The New Zealand flag~
It’s amazing how a glacial erosion can result in something so beautiful like this.
The famous Stirling Falls, a type of “plunge” waterfall which is 151 metres high.
A close-up of Stirling Falls, which we got to see as our boat went nearer to it. Looking at this, no wonder it is known as the most magnificent waterfall in NZ.
This is the Palisade Falls, a “ribbon” waterfall with a height of 55 metres. The waterfall is more spectacular after rain, and in dry days it will appear as a thin stream of water.
Seals frolicking on a rock. Our first time seeing seals up close and personal!
Go straight and you will reach Australia via the Tasman Sea, which is the marginal sea of the South Pacific Ocean between Australia and NZ. Here, our boat made a u-turn back to the start point of the sound.
Last but not least, this is the Bowen Falls which is the nearest to the starting point of the sound. Described as the highest and most powerful waterfall in Milford Sound, this “horsetail” waterfall spans a height of 162 metres.
And we’re back to the harbour, which symbols the end of our 2-hour boat tour along the fiord.

Another 4 hours journey by bus back to Queenstown, we managed to reach back to our lodge by 7pm. As opposed to the start of the day where we were picked up by a Connectabus, this time around James actually drove us back to our lodge personally (which meant that we were the last to get off). We took the time to chat with James, and discovered that before he became a bus driver for Milford Sound Select, he used to be a captain for the Milford Sound boat for 30 years! Wow, an amazing feat I must say. Imagine spending every day on this spectacular fiord…

Alhamdulillah for the wonderful Milford Sound experience!

(Milford Sound… check! *ticks off infinite ever-growing travel list*)

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Kiwimoon: Exploring Queenstown (Day 1-2)

25th February 2014, Tuesday

After an overnight flight from Singapore Changi Airport, we arrived at Queenstown International Airport at 3.55 pm.

Outside Queenstown International Airport.
Amazing view greeted us outside Queenstown International Airport.

We flew from Singapore straight to Queenstown via Qantas Airlines, transiting in Melbourne Airport for 3 hours. The flight from Singapore to Melbourne took 7 hours while from Melbourne to Queenstown was about 3 hours. Initially we thought of flying to Christchurch as most flights offer this, but when we discovered that we could fly straight to Queenstown, we immediately took it as it meant we didn’t have to drive 6-7 hours from Christchurch. As this was our first time traveling together, we wanted to minimize long drives and make this trip more relaxed and leisurely.

Inside the airport, where you can pick up pamphlets and brochures on the many things to do in Queenstown.

Then we proceeded to pick-up our rental car at Ace Rentals, which was just opposite from the airport.

We still needed a car to get around and for our drive to the surrounding towns.

First stop was the electronic shop to get our mobile prepaid cards (with 4G!) and then to the supermarket along the way (Fresh Choice) to get our food and other supplies before checking into our accomodation, the Shotover Lodge. This would be our shelter for the first 3 days of our trip.

Our lodge with a spectacular mountain view.

As it was nearing dusk by the time we arrived, we took the time to settle in and have a good rest. The next day, we would be off to explore central Queenstown!

Imagine waking up to this every morning… The pine trees remind me of Frodo running in LOTR!

* * *

26th February 2014, Wednesday

We started our day by having a home-made breakfast by the balcony of our lodge.

A simple breakfast of egg mayo sandwich whipped up by the husband, half-boiled eggs and lemon ginger tea.

Drove to Queenstown central in search of something to do…

Hotels and apartments all around the centre of Queenstown.

And decided to go up the Skyline Gondola!

We only rode the gondola and didn’t take the luge. Maybe next time.

This is a must-do if it’s your first time visiting Queenstown. Up on the gondola you get to see the whole of Queenstown central from a bird’s eye view.

The gondola can fit a maximum of 4 people, but you’re allowed to have your own space if you’re traveling solo or as a couple (instead of sharing with other travelers) which is a good thing because you can have your own privacy.

The gondola will stop at the top where you get off and proceed to the Skyline Gondola Viewing Tower. Breathtaking view from at the top!

An obligatory couple shot is a must… Hehe. A fellow tourist was nice enough to take this photo for us.

There’s a viewing deck, cafe, restaurant, souvenir shop, plenty of things to do here. We bought a few things at the souvenir shop, and were glad to discover that we were entitled to a discount off the official photos of us in the gondola. But actually, if you want to get souvenirs, go to the souvenir shops along Queenstown Mall as they are much, much cheaper.

Now this is what I call a restaurant with a view!

Take your time and roam around, take photos while enjoying the spectacular scenery. Another piece of God’s magnificent art, SubhanAllah…

The gorgeous Lake Wakatipu. #nofilter

We also had a chance to see people enjoying their luge ride down below.

Would love to ride the luge next time (chey next time seh). It looked so much fun!

We were fortunate to see some paragliding action going on!

Imagine paragliding overlooking the lake and mountains…

And if you dare, do some bungee…

Bungee if you dare…

Headed back down after an hour plus and had our lunch at Turkish Kebabs, which is the only halal restaurant in Queenstown central. The mixed beef and lamb kebabs that we ordered were delicious… and HUGE! Even the rice set that my husband bought was generously filled. Worth the price, and needless to say we were extremely full Alhamdulillah after we were done with our meals.

Nom nom nom. Alhamdulillah for Halal restaurants like these. May God bless the owner’s efforts, InsyaAllah.

After lunch, we took a stroll along the town…

[For the Singaporeans – Spot something familiar?]
Leaves turning red for the upcoming Autumn season… So beautiful!

…before deciding to go up hiking Queenstown Hill. (What a way to burn those lunch calories huh? Haha). We drove to the start of the track at Belfast Street, and from there began our climb.

According to the map, the climb up and down takes about 1.5 – 2.5 hours. We aimed to hike up till the mid-point, which would bring us to an artist’s sculpture called the “Basket of Dreams”.

We passed by different kinds of terrains during the climb…

The starting trail of our hike up; slightly open, bright and airy.
As we hike deeper, the scene changes; enclosed, dark and moody.

Some steep slopes as well…

Here the trails start to be very open and you start to see the surroundings again.

And finally reached the mid-point!

Tired but satisfied smiles of victory.
The husband striking a pose on the Basket of Dreams.

We were greeted by breathtaking views of the lake and its’ surroundings… which made it worth the climb up!

Pine trees galore…
And the mountains of Lake Wakatipu in all its glory.
The differing view at the other side: Mountainous and grassy.

And guess what, we actually met some fellow Singaporeans during our hike! This sporting couple has been married for 30 years and we first saw them on our way up (they actually overtook us while we were resting, haha). They told us that we were the second fellow Singaporean honeymoon couple they met during the climb. It’s always nice to meet people from home when you’re overseas.

I hope that hubs and me can be as sporting and as adventurous as them when we reach our golden years, InsyaAllah…

We didn’t continue to the summit but if you would like to, this is the pathway you’d have to follow.

See that peak point ahead there? That’s the summit, which is about another 500m away.

The terrain was fun as it was made up of a variety of different trails, which were well-maintained. There are illustration boards which act as route markers hence making it easy to navigate. Do drink lots of water, hydrate yourself as you go up. If you have never hiked in a colder country before, do be prepared for your body to get acclimatized to the cold.

Finally back at the start point, where we parked our car.

As it was nearing dusk when we ended, we decided to call it a day. The next day, we would be headed to Milford Sound, which is said to be one of the world’s greatest natural wonders.

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Oh The Mathematics of Learning…

Inspired by Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion

That would be Maths.

Maths, oh the mathematics of it all.

I remember a time when I was in secondary 1 and we were being taught about equations. I was so confused but was too afraid to my teacher, Mdm Esther Lim, to repeat the lesson. This teacher was also known to be abit kooky. So when she asked if everyone understood, I nodded my head with the rest of the class.

Until she asked me to come up to the board and solve a problem sum.

I looked at the problem sum and tried my very best to solve it with what she had just taught the class.

She had also asked another student to solve another problem so there were two of us in front of the board. Unfortunately for me, that classmate was a tad smarter than me. I could only look at her cleverness in dismay.

Not being able to do any solving, I finally gave up, hung my head low and said, “I’m sorry Mdm Lim, but I don’t understand the lesson.”

I can’t remember what she said after that, but I remember usually obtaining some fails and borderlining pass for my Maths tests and exams. I excel in languages subjects (Malay and English Language) and also Art subjects, and land in the middle of the road for Science and Principles of Accounts. However, Maths was my weakest subjects throughout.

Until secondary 3 where I had a wonderful Maths teacher, Mr. Desmond Lim who was truly the best teacher ever. Everytime I felt afraid to ask him to repeat, he would say, “Don’t be afraid to ask me, I will repeat again and again until you understand it okay?” It was so comforting to hear that because I wasn’t the only weakling in class and hearing that made us weaklings feel more motivated to do better in Maths. So it went on for two years, in secondary 3 and 4 where he never got tired of explaining to us the concepts behind the problem sums and how to solve them.

As a result, from failing to bordeline passes, I obtained a B4 for Maths in my GCE O’ Lévels. (A B4 is the middle of the road, a low B – but still a B! An A would have been over the top to be honest, so I was more than elated to at least get a B for Maths, which was one of the compulsory subjects you needed to pass and get a good grade on to be able to move up to a tertiary institution).

And that is the story of Maths and I. I first hated it, and now while I don’t hate it, I just borderline like it.

The Happy Wanderer goes to New Zealand!

Inspired by Daily Prompt: The Happy Wanderer

Salam and Hello all, I’m back! 🙂

(Did anyone miss me? Haha…)

Let’s see what’s happened during these past couple of months?

Firstly, I got married Alhamdulillah. 🙂

bus stop
Yup, that’s my dashingly smart-looking husband in a formal suit during our outdoor photoshoot. 😀

And then flew to Queenstown, New Zealand for my honeymoon.

Super LOVE the breathtaking sceneries in Queenstown, New Zealand. I would love to go there again!

My husband and me went on a self-drive trip for our honeymoon (kiwimoon, which I will refer to) so when I saw this daily prompt, it got me inspired to write. It’s such an amazing feeling when inspiration strikes!

What’s your travel style? Are you itinerary and schedule driven, needing to have every step mapped out in advance or are you content to arrive without a plan and let happenstance be your guide?

I would say that my travel style is a mixture of both itinerary driven as well as being flexible enough to adapt to changes in travel plans.

As it was our first time traveling together, we spent a lot of time planning and researching for the trip. Our travel plans included an itinerary since we would be moving from one place to another (around Queenstown, Tekapo and Wanaka), so we needed to follow a schedule as we would be checking in and out of hotels etc.

However when we were in the towns itself, we let ourselves wander happily and didn’t stick to specific timings or needing to follow every step. We had some places in mind that we wanted to go, so we just went with the flow. Like, on our second day in Queenstown we decided to go up on the Skyline Gondola, explored Queenstown central and then decided on a whim to go on a hike up on Queenstown Hill.

Reading bloggers’ travel posts on NZ really helped me a lot for the planning of the trip, so InsyaAllah, I will blog more about our kiwimoon soon. 🙂

Trolley + Art (Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition)

Trolley + Art (Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition)

I was walking along Arab St the other day and I saw this piece of art along the walls of one of the shop houses.

Two kids had been painted on the wall and then two trolleys had been attached to the wall such that it is positioned to show the two kids having fun in their respective trolleys. I can so imagine this scene in a supermarket! Why, I might even have been one of them when I was a kid in a supermarket with my parents, once upon a time. What a creative way to infuse art into the everyday!

Honestly I’ve walked past this before, thought it was “hmm, interesting,” and moved on. I’ve never really noticed and observed the juxtaposition of it all until this week’s photo challenge. The combination of the metal trolleys, the cement wall and the paintings made the contrasting effect into a really fun work of art.

Loved this week’s challenge as it made me notice contrasting things I would have usually just walked past.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

Hang in there, kiddo.

Dear 16 -year old self,

Currently, it’s been slightly more than ten years since you’ve turned 16.

So I figured I’ll let you in on some little secrets of what’s to come… 😉

And maybe advice you a little on things. Coz this version of you is wiser and has done a bit of growing up…

You’ve always been a late bloomer compared to your friends, and you’re kind of awkward in your teenage years, but that’s okay.

At the stage where most of your friends started having boyfriends, you wonder if you’re going to ever have one. Don’t worry too much about it. In a few years, he will come looking for you. And soon, you’re going to get married to him. God reserved him for you all this while. So chill…

You have a group of friends from secondary school that you treasure a lot, and I’m sorry to tell you that you’re going to be separated from them because you went to a different tertiary institution from them. But that’s okay.

You soon made more friends in polytechnic and found close friends you now treasure. And the old friends from secondary school? You’re still close with them, so don’t worry about losing them.

So you found out that you were the only one out of your close friends, who went to a different polytechnic. Don’t be too upset kid. Coz hey, that’s where you met him; at a band competition nevertheless. He’s kinda shy, and he’s very passionate about music. You don’t have similar interests, but you’ll work it out.

And while you hated being in Red Cross in secondary school, because it wasn’t your first choice CCA and you joined because of your friend, you became very active in polytechnic. You joined the Malay Cultural Group and even took part in a play as part of their Hari Raya Performance. Way to go! You also joined the Adventure & Rock Climbing Club and even went up your first mountain! You climbed Mount Ophir (or Gunung Ledang in Malay) in Malaysia with them. Way to go! See? You’re cool like that. 😀

Along the way, you found a special group of friends who were striving to become better Muslims when you joined Nanyang Polytechnic Muslim Students Network. Through that, you met some of the most inspiring people and you joined Saff-Perdaus, where you developed yourself as a facilitator for youth camps. You loved making a difference in their lives, just as they did for yours.

You’re not supposed to know this yet, but in a couple of years you’re going to lose someone very very dear in your life. If I could tell you one advice now, it would be to spend as much time with ayah, your daddy-o. Coz you’re going to miss him too much when he’s gone. But you’re a tough cookie and you can handle this. Hang in there, kiddo. Always remember that Allah will always be with you.

For now, enjoy your single hood. Travel. Get involved in awesome projects. Love your parents and treat them kindly. Create something. Start a revolution. Just be yourself, because it would be such a waste to be someone else. 🙂

Inspired by Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen