Three Sweet Months of Love and Daisies

When the wife beautifies the husband's desktop space... Fresh pink daisies and a Hello Kitty pack of tissues
When the wife beautifies the husband’s (boring) desktop space… Fresh pink daisies and a Hello Kitty pack of tissue instantly prettifies the space!

Happy 3-monthsary to us, Alhamdulillah. ūüôā

My husband and me, we sort of look-alike. That’s a wonderful thing, though it makes some people assume that we are also very similar to each other. Sure we have our similarities, but like every couple we also have our differences. Some are minor and some are opposites like the sky and the earth.

For example, last Saturday evening we went jogging and running at the park. I learnt that my husband likes to run in the morning while I prefer running in the evening. I like to run my stress away reflecting the day’s events while enjoying the cooling evening breeze. My husband on the other hand prefers to run as a kickstart to the day while taking in the freshness of the morning air.

I’m sure we will discover more of each other and I am enjoying as well as embracing the process thus far. That’s what makes marriage so interesting isn’t it? Allah presents you with differences in your partner so that you can find ways to work together and make it work beautifully for the both of you. I believe marriage is about letting these differences be and making it work to the best of our abilities.

Afterall, it did take us a quarter of a century to become the individual that we each are now, a beautiful person that God has specially moulded us to be. So with two beautiful individuals combined, the result should be an art that is profoundly beautiful. And that is what our marriage can become, if He wills.

May Allah continue to put love and blessings in our marriage, InsyaAllah ūüôā

Before you love someone else, you must learn to love yourself.

Before you love yourself, you must learn to love Allah and His Messenger.

Only then will you love easily.

As love is the root of all creation.

The Wedding Dais and Decor

The time has finally come where I can now book the space for my reception, which is going to be held at the void deck of my flat InsyaAllah. It is also just a less than 5-minutes walk from the mosque where my solemnization is going to take place.

Now I shall proceed to share with you the decor company who will be in-charge of making the bare space transform into something gorgeous. I love the company’s, Kasai Sayang, simplicity and elegance, as well as their workmanship. Can’t believe I’m meeting them again after almost a year (the last time I met them in person was around my engagement date, to book them) for a site visit and discuss more of the deco details.

Don’t they all look just simply gorgeous! I love almost all the looks that they have executed. Mine will be a purple, lavender and grey/silver affair, InsyaAllah. I’m getting excited just looking at my pinterest-style moodboards. ūüėÄ

A back story on my booking the space: There was actually a minor change in the town council’s policies for booking which made me panic a little. When I called the town council 6 months ago, I was told that you can only book the void deck 3 months before the event and this has been the rule since forever. However when I called recently, I was told that now the advanced 3-months period has been lifted and booking was now on a first-come-first-serve basis! So I was like, no… I hope no one in my block is having the reception on the same day(s) as me. *panic mode*

But all is well, Alhamdulillah. The next day I went to the town council and made the booking. While the lady behind the counter checked their calendar, I was praying silently “Please God, please let it be available for me…” And Alhamdulillah, she informed me that it’s still available! Overwhelming relief swept over me, MashaAllah. I proceeded to fill up the booking form and paid the booking fees. Thank you Allah for making this fall into place perfectly.

A Special Space for the Solemnisation

As mentioned last Thursday on finally booking my solemnization venue, here is the mosque where my solemnization, or nikah is going to take place InsyaAllah.


It’s the Alkaff Kampung Melayu Mosque! I want my nikah to be held in a mosque because not only is it Allah’s abode, there will be more angels praying for our wedding and marriage InsyaAllah. I love it when angels pray for us, MashaAllah. The awesome thing is that this mosque is just beside my house so it will be a stone’s throw away from the reception area which is at my block.

Months prior to my booking, I asked my aunt who teaches at the mosque to collect the booking form for me. Recently, I went to the mosque office and sent in the form for booking of the solemnization area. The sister then showed me the space where the nikah is usually held, at an area in the Muslim guys’ prayer area.


Masjid Alkaff doesn’t charge for usage of space in the prayer area, which typically takes around one hour for solemnizations. Only if you book the multipurpose hall will they charge accordingly (though I’m not sure how much). Afterwards, I sent these pics to my fiance and he was like, “I’m nervous just looking at that…” well my dearest husband-to-be, better start practicing your lafaz akad nikah (acceptance of marriage contract) from now on! ūüėČ

Alhamdulillah that I’ve managed to book the space for our solemnization. I hope that the nikah will be as smooth as possible InsyaAllah. Meanwhile, I’m looking forward for our first solat (prayer) together like newlyweds Diana Amir (one of my favourite Malaysian celebrities, presenter-actress) and her husband, Habib who recently got married last week, on 25 October 2013.


Not forgetting the first salam as husband and wife! I love her shawl style, very long and flowy and most importantly loose and covers the chest area. The color is lovely, too. As well as the intricate beading. And the dais, is just so gorgeous. Like being in an enchanted garden… Love everything in this photo!


And now, come November, just slightly less than 3 months to the ijab qabul (offer and acceptance of marriage contract). InsyaAllah.


May Allah ease our affairs in planning for a blessed wedding, and may He put sustenance, happiness and blessings in all our lives. Ameen.

Source for Diana Amir’s wedding photos

Wedding Photoshoot Recce

Last two weeks we went to Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) to recce spots for our post-wedding outdoor photoshoot. I thought we would only have one venue for our outdoor photoshoot, but after talking to our photographer it seems like we have more time for more venues to shoot because of the timeline of our reception. I’m happy now thinking of the panoramic wedding shoots we’ll have… Although I might be complaining later what with the heat and being in the several wedding outfits. So anyway, NYP is one of the venues, albeit the most important one, for our wedding photoshoot. We will not be having any studio photoshoot because we both prefer the outdoors. Here are some shots of the potential spots:

The front entrance of NYP, where we said our first hellos to each other after the gig on the way home with the rest of the group.
Back view of the front entrance, which leads to the escalators to the school.
The dome theater, where the band competition “Bandzout” was held.
The newly built Eco Garden in NYP, at block S.
Perfect spot for a wedding portraiture!
One of the ponds in NYP.

Why we chose NYP is very simple. We met in NYP. End of story. Haha. But actually, NYP was just the tip of the iceberg. We were only getting to know each other as acquaintances and then friends (as he was the ex-schoolmate of my then classmate who wanted to go this band competition “Bandzout” to support him and meet some other ex-schoolmates who had come to support him). The rest of history only started after we graduated.

But his version is that he had liked me for a long time before that, when he saw me at this particular bus stop near NYP back in 2005. I only knew him from 2006 onwards when I met him during Bandzout when he participated as the lead guitarist in that band. I went to watch the band competition simply to accompany my then classmate – and also because I was 18 back then and band competitions sounded extremely cool to me. I was in a “lets go baby!” mode. What an enthusiastic-want-to-action-cool teenager I was.

Whichever version it is, it has been written that we were to meet in NYP…and if God wills, he is my jodoh insyaAllah. NYP was actually my third choice of school after the O levels (my first choice was Temasek Polytechnic, followed by Singapore Polytechnic) but being in NYP turned out to be one of the best years of my life MashaAllah. I was involved in many activities, including dabbling in a play, picking up rockclimbing and organizing beneficial events as part of NYPMSN. And then fate has it that I was to meet my other half here, MashaAllah. Only Allah knows. And Allah knows best.

Let’s pray that the photoshoot will go smoothly insyaAllah! ūüôā

Ten Things Off the Wedding To-Do List!

Today allow me to toot my own horn a little as I list down the things I’ve managed to settle these past few weeks in my never-ending wedding-related TO-DO list, Alhamdulillah.

  1. Recce-ed Nanyang Polytechnic for outdoor post-wedding photoshoot
  2. Booked solemnization venue at my preferred mosque, Masjid Alkaff Kampung Melayu
  3. Confirmed the color theme for my family’s outfits
  4. Contacted Nani@artsygeekchic to design a mock-up of invitation cards
  5. Settled wedding photographer
  6. Settled groom’s outfits with Kak Nonie
  7. Booked flights for NZ, Alhamdulillah
  8. Sent bridal evening gowns for drycleaning
  9. Got started on wedding day(s) itinerary
  10. Obtained my wali and saksi/witness details (full name and I/C numbers)

Alhamdulillah for these completed tasks. There’s more to come, I’m very sure of that. Fellow BTBs have reminded me that the TO-DO list gets longer as The Big Day gets nearer, MashaAllah. This week, I aim to settle my solemnization and traditional outfits, apply for marriage at ROMM website and settle NZ accommodation InsyaAllah. May Allah ease my affairs and put blessings in my days, InsyaAllah. Please make du’a for me and my husband-to-be ūüôā

A Touch of Champagne Pink For The Big Day


I’ve previously mentioned in my old blog years ago that I wanted to make my own wedding dress. And that I didn’t think I was crazy enough to do that.

Turns out I am, a little.

I’ve already got the evening gowns settled¬†(bought them from a bridal gown sale) but for my nikah, I want to make it special.¬†Why do I want to make my own wedding nikah¬†dress? Because I can. And because¬†I want to¬†keep it as a memory.

Several years ago, I took a dressmaking course¬†and have sewn¬†outfits for other occasions¬†before¬†but¬†of course, a wedding dress is totally different. But since I¬†want to make my¬†nikah¬†outfit simple, I¬†think it should be quite manageable, no? I bought some fabrics – laces and satins – from Pasar Baru at Bandung last year and have some designs in mind. Now here’s praying that it would be executed well, InsyaAllah.

Meanwhile how’s this dress for some inspiration. The chiffon, the layering, the texture and the touch of sweet champagne pink colour of the fabric and the ribbon, everything about it is just so dreamy…

The Engagement, in a nutshell

Starting off Wedding Wednesday with a post on my engagement on 23 December 2012.

me n fruits

The date coincides with the 6th year of my late dad’s passing on 23 December 2006, hence we had a tahlil and engagement on the same day. The original date was actually earlier, but due to some “unforeseen circumstances” the engagement happened to fall on this day. Despite these unforeseen circumstances (which I later learn are a common predicament in wedding planning), I would have to say Alhamdulillah, as¬†the event had¬†went well for both our families.


What was supposed to be a small event in my head, became a not-so-small event in reality. With the tahlil in plan, it meant more guests from my side and with his big family, I nearly died when he told me¬†40¬†people will be coming from his side. OMA! (Oh My Allah!). The plan was that my family members¬†would come at 12 plus and¬†the tahlil to be around¬†around after zuhur. Then his family would arrive around 3 plus and that’s when the engagement session will commence.

the spread

The loot! It’s funny I told my family I wanted the theme to be gold and turquoise… I had in my head turquoise green, like those cupcakes I ordered¬†(center)¬†and¬†the family came with all sorts of turquoise shades (see those turquoise blue and gold cupcakes? Yeah.). Rule no. 1: Always be specific especially when it comes to your family members. Anyway, I must say it gave me goosebumps to see both our names on the cake like so:

cakepolkadotp cupcakes

His loot was more cohesive, with purple and lace done by his sister-in-law.

his side loot

We had the blue hantaran cake, chocolate cake, kek lapis, baskets of candies, dried fruits, mini cupcakes and pulut kuning in cute little golden jars. Distributed these to the rest of the family who stayed at the end of the day.

me n mum

Oh mummy dearest, what would I ever do without you… However. Mum was excited and of course, pretty stressed up with the whole thing which made her jittery and annoyed at every single thing which in turn made me jittery and annoyed at every single thing… With the huge crowd that we were expecting, my mum, aunts and grandma had ganged up and wanted to have a small makan-makan downstairs…which totally conflicted with my idea of a small and intimate engagement. I mean, it’s not like I live in a two-storey bungalow or something..


And it seems that the crowd,¬†his side of the family who arrived slightly before 4pm¬†agreed with them. So I lost. They won, hands down and I was in no position to fight (haha) being in my room hiding from all the crowd. Shy lah ok! So many people came just to see me… Which was why prior to the event I bought a dusty pink & maroon chiffon and satin gown from Lulu Alhadad, and asked my cousin to make me up; my cousin is no pro but she’s awesome possum. Look at her beautiful handiwork (me)!

me & yati

My granduncle, Kaik Ghazali (below, left)¬†was the representative from my side, and the two¬†pakciks were representatives from his side (whom names I can’t remember, but its ok I have a lifetime to start remembering them). Kaik Ghazali is one of my dad’s closest¬†uncle¬†and he used to be a teacher for many years. His elder brother, my grandfather had passed on in 1995 while I was in primary 2. And my dad, obviously I miss him so and wish he was here but it’s time to be brave and embrace a new chapter in my life, InsyaAllah.

kaik ghazali

On who is going to be my wali for my akad nikah, it is most probably going to be my dearest younger brother who is just 1 year younger than me.¬†He’s nervous, but I told him he doesn’t have¬†to do he talking. The kadi will do it, but you’ll¬†be my wali, ok? Haha.

bro n me2

After the whole discussion in the living room, his auntie who is the eldest in the family came to my room Рfollowed by many others Рto place the ring in my fingers. There were so many people and so many cameras I swear I have never smiled for the camera so much in my life.

his elder council

Afterwards they all went down to enjoy some food…

table buffet

More photos of me and my dearests! Siblings, cousins, grandmas, aunts, closest poly mates and secondary school buddies.

me n sibs 2cousinsgrandmasaunties

me hazzy wanis me n 4 girls 2

And so that was my engagement in a nutshell.

What made me happy was that everyone got together and my family members all contributed something for the event. One of my aunts made me the flower bouquet, my cousin Kak Fadilah helped order a cake for me even though it was last minute (due to another unforeseen circumstances…), my aunt Cik Hasiyah gave¬†us two baskets; one with cupcakes and one with¬†chocs and candies, my grandaunties baked a kek lapis cempedak¬†and¬†currypuffs to give¬†to¬†his family, and another grandaunt¬†gave¬†mini fruit tarts¬†as part of the food table for guests.

Even though I just wanted a small and simple engagement, it seemed that Allah had other plans for me; he wanted me to be happy as well despite not having my dad with me by presenting me with my (big) family and reminding me how much I am loved. So Alhamdulillah, for how the event turned out.

Oh and in case any one is wondering,¬†he did not come over but did wear¬†a baju kurung of similar maroon shade¬†in his house just so we matched even though we were in two different places. His¬†idea, not mine.¬†He is¬†sentimental like that.¬†It’s not customary for the guy to come by, and we had already arranged beforehand for him not to come to my house during the engagement day (he came along with his immediate family previously during the merisik session). Anyway, both of us would have been too shy to face everyone together. Haha.

And now, I have approximately 4 and a half months to the wedding! May Allah ease my affairs and make my heart stronger in faith InsyaAllah, ameen.

6 months to the wedding

I have approximately 6 months to the big day.

That’s right, only half a year to February 2014.

Before one of my best friends Aisyah got married we used to jokingly remind each other that come her wedding, I’m next on the list.

And now the 6 months countdown have arrived… THE NERVES OMYGOD! I almost feel irritated that Aisyah’s wedding is over coz now I have to get back to “work”. Haha.

So now to soothe my stressful heart, I shall list down some updates I have at this moment:

Things I have booked and confirmed:

Decor: Kasai Sayang

Food: Puteri Wedding Services

Bridal: Make-up artist/mak andam booked (outfits will be self-sewn and tailored).

Videography: Bizkode

Photobooth: My bridesmaids’ awesome work

Current pending items as at 6 months:

DJ (preferably one with da’wah style)

Photographer (preferably female photographer)

Invitation cards

Wedding cake

Will be posting updates as I go along InsyaAllah! Meanwhile, prayers are much needed please ūüôā