Stitching Up A Newsletter

Assalamu’alaikum all,

How is it already February MashaAllah!

As last year was pretty unstructured for me (because I mainly followed my lil explorer’s very unpredictable schedule), one of my goals this year is to have more structure insyaAllah. Toddlers, you never know how they will feel! One time they are happy, the next they are suddenly screaming and shouting. And then dah penat all become cranky and then play some more even tho dah ngantuk all, and then like eons later finally go to sleep.

But in no way am I complaining coz it’s been the most rewarding journey thus far Alhamdulillah (you know sometimes we just need to ranttt). This year will mark my second year in motherhood (how is it that my little newborn is almost 2??!) and I’m still learning along the way.


Speaking of growth in my previous post, and following my creative pursuit on Mekar Maker, I’ve decided to, gasp, start a newsletter for my mommies! Well, to be honest it’s not just meant for mommies je lah, but I’ll be sharing more of my motherhood journey, what I’ve learnt and the likes. I’ll also be sharing about what I’m up to with my embroidery projects (not that I have a lot right now) and what I did (and am doing) to keep myself sane as a SAHM hahaha. Plus I thought I’d do something more productive and presentable with my writings lah kan insyaAllah. In this blog I try to write well but always like tunggang langgang like that coz it’s more informal gitu the ambience.

I love blogging here too, but I guess I want to reach out through a different platform, through email, and be more intentional in my writings. To be honest I *never* thought I’d be having a newsletter of my own because the idea of appearing in someone’s inbox personally like that initially scared me off (I’m pretty shy actually and an introvert through and through, but I do like making connections and one-to-one conversations and talking to a small group of people too), but Aida from The Shawl Label does it so well (if you haven’t subscribed to her Tuesday Love Letters please do! It’s super awesome I tell you). And I really love what they do (they even have a podcast for ladies). So I *somehow* got inspired to start my own newsletter for my super awesome ladies, sisters in humanity, especially moms who love having some side projects of your own… but if you’re not a mommy (or not a mommy yet), and you’re okay with reading this kind of stuff heh (which hopefully does not bore you), I fully welcome you to join! 🙂

P.S: When you click the subscribe link above you’ll be directed to a page where you can subscribe to our newsletter which insyaAllah I aim to send every Thursday. (I do plan to have a proper website but it’s currently under construction).

P.P.S: For now I’ll be leaving this blog as it is and update as and when (not that I update here often but you know, bila bila feeling feeling nak blog gitu).

Love, Mardhiah

4 thoughts on “Stitching Up A Newsletter

    1. AWWWWW MashaAllah thank you soo much! Anddd congrats on the gentle birth of your Watermelon!!! Welcome to mommyhood! May Allah give you the strength to be the best parents for her insyaAllah! 🙂 HUGS

  1. Hi Mardhiah, happy to know you already have the ‘comel’ one 🙂
    I know that feeling, my baby boy also 2 yo this year, time is running very fast yaa.

    Good luck for you & all you project 🙂

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