Kiwimoon: Food and Solat – For the Muslim Traveler

Assalamu’alaikum lovelies!

I am finally blogging about this as I have mentioned in my last post on my Kiwimoon series.


We mostly prepared our own food to save cost so that we didn’t have to spend it on eating out all the time. But there were occasions when we did buy food from the available halal restaurant available, Turkish Kebabs. Before we left for our trip we researched on the nearest supermarket along our lodge so that we would know where to go to get any groceries.

Hence on our first day upon our arrival, after collecting our car we went to the supermarket at Queenstown central “Fresh Choice” to shop for groceries before checking-in. Bread, eggs, instant noodles, mayonnaise, canned tuna, cheese slices, tea, mineral water, dried mixed fruits pack for snacking and also box of tissues… Buat macam rumah sendiri lah kan with all these groceries hehe. This is because we were mostly staying in lodge or apartment kind of accommodation instead of hotel kind, where there is a kitchenette available so we could prepare our own meals.

Mainly we made simple egg and tuna sandwiches, half and full boiled eggs, and mee goreng instant for our meals accompanied with a warm cup of tea and/or coffee.


Halal restaurant in Queenstown

Out of the three places that we went, Queenstown, Tekapo and Wanaka, only in Queenstown did we find a halal restaurant. We initially found it online through this blog before we went but we didn’t know if it was still there. Alhamdulillah, we were glad to discover that Turkish Kebabs was still around and it was still located along Queenstown Mall. There were some changes to the building but overall still the same.


We dined here on our second day for lunch after riding the Skyline Gondola, and then on our third day we bought some for a takeaway breakfast before leaving for our drive to Lake Tekapo. Then on our final night at Queenstown we came here again for our last dinner for the trip (sob sob). A plate of kebab set costs around 11 – 15 NZD each but it was worth it as the servings were huge.


Other than that, and outside of Queenstown, we chose to prepare simple breakfast, lunch and dinner meals ourselves. As worth it as the servings were, it was still cheaper to eat-in and we chose to save whenever we can so that we can stick to our budget and spend on activities and souvenirs. Plus we can’t possibly eat kebabs every day right? Hehe… For our trip to Milford Sound, we prepared cheese sandwiches and brought it along for the ride. But we did indulge in cuppa coffees throughout… Sejuk sejuk sedap minum kopi mmdaappp…


Our priority was to go to New Zealand no matter what so we knew the limited choices we would have there hence didn’t mind spending lesser on food (I guess for some people they would want to stay in nice hotels, eat good hotel food for their honeymoon etc)… If you are not was-was you can also choose to dine in non-halal restaurants and have the seafood and/or vegetarian choices but for us we chose to stick to halal ones and DIY meals for the reasons I have mentioned. To each is their own preferences.


One of the beautiful things about Islam is the ease in prayer that Allah has provided for us when we travel. We can shorten the fard prayers (qasar) and pray two solat times together (jamak). Allah has presented us with blessings to travel to another part of His lands, so we must remember Him and give thanks in the way that He has ordained us to do right? So don’t leave our fardhu prayers when we travel overseas 🙂

Before we went we checked out the prayer time in Queenstown for the duration of our trip there. As our flight from SG to Melbourne was at 7.55pm, we prayed our Maghrib in the plane, sitting down. When we reached Queenstown then we started praying jamak and qasar. Alhamdulillah due to the more than 90km distance between the towns that we went, and that we didn’t stay in each town for more than 3 days, we were able to jamak and qasar throughout our 7 days there. During our transit while waiting for our flight back to SG, we did our final prayers as musafir at a corner spot in the airport lounge (lucky thing it wasn’t that crowded).

So that was basically how we got around for our food and performing our five daily prayers in NZ as fellow Muslim travelers. As I’m typing this, I am in reminiscing mode and I can’t wait to go there again… I don’t know when that will be but who knows, one day InsyaAllah… 🙂

Epilogue: As a concluding note, I will clarify that we DIY our honeymoon aka mini road trip instead of following any tour companies. This means that we had control over most of the things, from our itineraries, food, transport and accommodation. The only thing is you do have to do a lot of research, do very thorough planning and drive your own car (except for the day trip to Milford Sound, my husband drove so we kept our distances short). But I am pleased with how everything turned out Alhamdulillah and we would not have had it any other way.

Since it’s a honeymoon, we managed to have our own privacy (instead of traveling with other people in a tour), make the trip free and easy instead of having to stick to fixed schedules, and the most important thing is it increased our appreciation, love, and complete trust and tawakkal for Allah s.w.t. who kept us safe throughout Alhamdulillah. I would say it’s also a good test on your marriage and relationship hehe… with just you and your spouse planning the whole thing, with Allah by our side always.

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