Precious moments and precious nights

SubhanAllah we’ve already reached the final days of Ramadhan.

These final days and nights are so precious, for Laylatul Qadr could be on one of these nights…

As I’m blogging now I smell a whiff of kuih tart baking in the oven… Mmm…

I haven’t blogged since my previous post and that is by choice. I thought I’d set some goals this Ramadhan after following emails by Productive Muslim and watching Productive Ramadhan videos on being more productive in Ramadhan. For starters, spending less time on social media and internet. I actually deactivated my facebook on the first day of Ramadhan simply because I can be a busybody and get distracted easily everytime I log in to fb hehehe. So deactivating it was actually one of the best things that’s happened, lol. But really. I actually do get a lot more things done Alhamdulillah!

A couple of weeks ago during the beginning of Ramadhan, I had the opportunity to volunteer at an autism school. So I got to see how special education teachers work as well as seeing children and teens with autism in school. It was an eye-opening experience, because it was my first time being inside a school specially for autistic students, hence my first time seeing their many various behaviours and antics. I discovered that there are verbal and non-verbal students. Meaning there are students who can express their words verbally and those that can’t. There are many highlights and moments that I took away from.

One of them was this. At one of the classes I was attached to, there was a Malay Muslim 12-year old boy. I discovered with a pleasant surprise, being told by his teacher, that he was actually fasting. SubhanAllah, my heart suddenly welled with emotions. Children who have not reached puberty and especially people who are not of “complete sound mind” are not required to fast, and here he was, a 12 year old child with autism and he had chosen to fast. I felt touched. Boy’s going to Jannah InsyaAllah. During the class’ snack time, he sat at another corner of the cafeteria so I accompanied him while he colored in his coloring book. I managed to have a short conversation with him (he is a student who is able to verbalise his words) and he asked me when is Hari Raya. I thought, Allah presents these moments for us to learn so much things from, SubhanAllah…

Beautiful moments in Ramadhan, when you’re praying taraweeh and you didn’t bring the sejadah because you just don’t bother to and you don’t mind sujood at the carpets, and suddenly the sister beside you chose to share her beautiful soft and puffy sejadah with you. MashaAllah. Love.

And that is my short post for now, InsyaAllah I will blog more soon! Meanwhile, I wrote a summary on my Ramadhan last year and here it is. (Don’t mind the slightly “sad” tone of the post, because I was going through some trying times mainly wedding planning stress and work stress and whathaveyounot so Ramadhan came as a saviour. But Alhamdulillah this Ramadhan I am feeling a lot happier Alhamdulillah). Smiley face to show that šŸ˜€

To my dear BTBs who are spending this Ramadhan as the last time being single, if you’re feeling stressed, hang in there ok sayangs? InsyaAllah all will be worth it when you get to spend the next Ramadhan with your significant other. If He brings you to it, He will bring you through it. And please do embrace your last single Ramadhan and do as many good deeds as you can as a singleton. Especially the personal time that you have with God, spend as much time to tahajjud with Him when you have more time for yourself now.

May Allah accept all our deeds, grant us Paradise, grant us His forgiveness and safe us from the Hellfire, InsyaAllah.

May Allah make us steadfast in our efforts and make our hearts gentle and peaceful always, InsyaAllah.

May Allah ease the pain of our brothers and sisters around the world who are going through calamities, and may Allah erase all their sins and grant them Paradise, InsyaAllah.


2 thoughts on “Precious moments and precious nights

  1. ameen to your beautiful doas! I agree with spending less time on social media. was reading this commentary on how if social media existed last time, authors like ernest hemingway may not have written their books cos they would have been too distracted with FB/twitter/IG etc. may our increased productivity continue even after ramadhan insyaAllah šŸ™‚

    1. true true! even cheryl strayed, the author of Wild, wrote about how she spent time writing in a den/cottage away from everything else to complete her book.

      and not to mention the *many* ibadah that our prophet and the sahabahs managed to do during their time, without the existence of today’s technology, on top of being so busy with their own commitments.

      Im like so glued to my phone la omg. hence the move. fb’s gone for now and i don’t know if im gonna on it back after this. i miss the connectivity but sometimes it’s too much for me. my ig is still on coz i find it more manageable. haha sorry my reply is so panjang lebar lol. insyaAllah ameen to your du’a sis! šŸ™‚

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