Moments of Tranquility at Masjid Khalid

I stepped into Masjid Khalid for the first time this year, recently for a gathering commemorating Isra’ Mi’raj, the Night of Prophet Muhammad’s Ascension into Heaven. Many mosques in Singapore will organize this gathering where we will pray in congregation “solat jemaah” (in a mosque, men and women sit and pray separately), listen to a talk by the Imam about what happened during the night followed by lessons and key takeaways for us.

As the event finishes, before we part we will eat together in a big tray or “makan berdulang” enjoying the delicious nasi briyani provided by the mosque. It is barakah (blessings) to serve people food and it creates a spirit of togetherness in the community. Similar to praying in congregation which creates a spirit of united-ness in serving God.

Cozy and peaceful

Being in Masjid Khalid gives off a lovely and cozy kampung vibe. It is lovely to i’tikaf (sit and reflect) inside this mosque. A feeling of peace, simplicity and tranquility. It is no wonder my husband likes to go this mosque, especially for special nights in the Islamic calendar. I usually headed to another mosque, but decided to follow my husband this time – and I have come to love it. I love how marriage brings upon new opportunities like this, Alhamdulillah. There are 69 mosques in Singapore, so there’s bound to be one you haven’t yet explored.

My second visit

Today I was at Joo Chiat area with my mum and after having our meals, we went to Masjid Khalid to do our Asar prayers. There are 2 places of worship in Joo Chiat area – Darul Arqam Convert’s Association where there is a praying space “musolla” and Masjid Khalid. Usually we would head to Darul Arqam to perform our prayers because the location is more convenient. However, as Darul Arqam’s restroom and musolla were closed for renovations, we headed on to Masjid Khalid, which is a little far in, a 5-minutes walk from Darul Arqam.

One door closes, another one opens

As I was sitting in the mosque after my prayers, it made me ponder on several things. If not for DA’s musolla renovations, we wouldn’t have walked to Masjid Khalid for our Asar prayers. It made me reflect that MaashaAllah, this is a good illustration of how when one door closes, another one opens. Truly, Allah is The Opener. The One who opens hearts, doors and everything else.

It also goes to show that Allah wants to give us more pahala because for every step you take to do ibadah, like going to a mosque, Allah rewards your every step. So, the more distance you walk to the mosque, the more pahala you get. That’s because Allah is Al-Kareem, the Most Generous and He gives most generously. SubhanAllah.

Last but not least, it feels like Allah wanted us to step into another of His houses SubhanAllah. You know when you’re invited to someone’s house, you feel honored for being invited? (Assuming that’s how you feel most of the time of course 😉 ). So when Allah wants to invite you to His house, shouldn’t we feel more honored and accept it with open hearts? 🙂

May Allah bless us with more moments of peace and tranquility… and may we be blessed with the peace and tranquility that we seek in this life and the Hereafter, InsyaAllah.

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