To the Mothers in My Life

My mother in pink, while my mother-in-law in green during my wedding day.

It’s never too late to dedicate a post for the mothers in my life.

To my mother, thanks for loving me unconditionally and raising me with so much love, strength and determination. Your perseverance, adventurous nature and love of knowledge inspires me every time. I love you.

To my mother-in-law, thanks for accepting me unconditionally and raising a son who is the best husband I can ever ask for. Your sweet and gentle nature, tough yet soft-heartedness of being a mother of 4 boys amazes me. I love you.

Another mother that played an important role in my life was my grandmother. She took care of my siblings and me while my parents worked, making sure we were always well fed physically and spiritually. She taught us how to recite the Quran from an early age and her cooking always makes me crave for more. I love you.

Alhamdulillah for my mothers, and all our mothers, and grandmothers, and perhaps possibly even aunts who were involved in mothering us in the process of growing up.

Happy Mothers’ Day.

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