Kiwimoon: Wonderful Wanaka (Day 5-6)

1st March 2014, Saturday

Today we would be leaving Lake Tekapo to head off to Wanaka, which is 199 km away with an estimated travel time of 2 hours and 17 minutes. We checked-out by 10 am after having our home-made breakfast at the cottage, dropped by the local cafe to get our cuppa coffee and we’re off!

To the left, to the left, to Wanaka on the left…

On the way we passed by Lindis Pass Scenic Reserve and decided to stop for a while and explore the area.

Lindis Pass is mountain-heaven for me. So much love for these magnificent yet humble mountains.

Finally we reached Wanaka after 2 hours plus and checked-in to Wanaka Hotel, which was conveniently located at the center of town. We made some lunch and then had our much-needed rest from the drive. In the evening, we decided to take a little stroll along Lake Wanaka which was just a few minutes drive from our hotel.

That is our white steed, as my husband likes to call it. We rented the car for our entire week in NZ and Alhamdulillah, we had a smooth ride throughout.
Ducks swimming along Lake Wanaka minding their own business… with the spectacular mountain view as the backdrop.
View of the other side, showing some hotels and buildings in Wanaka.

Afterwards, a visit to the supermarket to top-up our food supplies before going back to our hotel. I even managed to get an inexpensive pink and black woolen glove from here, what a great find.

The supermarket just across the road from our hotel. Very convenient.

Made a home-made dinner and we called it a day. An exciting day awaits the next day!


2nd March 2014, Sunday

Today was our only “full” day in Wanaka and we wanted to make it a free and easy relaxing day. One of the places we wanted to check out was Cinema Paradiso, a quaint vintage cinema that I discovered while researching in TripAdvisor. A quick check on the movie schedules and we decided to watch Disney’s Frozen, which none of us had watched before. Frozen was amazing to the point of song’s in my head amazing. Let it go… *sings*

cinema paradiso
A cozy afternoon watching a movie at the coolest and most vintage cinema ever in Cinema Paradiso. I especially love the vintage car seat and the freshly baked cookies which you can buy during the intermission.

After a relaxing movie afternoon, it was time for some fun and action! Next we headed to Puzzling World, where illusion rooms and a 3-D maze awaits us.

puzzling world
Feeling like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix, in the Tilted House. The room requires some kind of balancing as it is sloping up and down! Then we attempted the maze but after almost 2 hours trying to complete the mission… we gave up lol (we were so near yet so far). Decided to head to the puzzling shop to find some puzzling souvenirs instead before it closes in the evening.

We wanted to do some skydiving as we passed by Skydive Wanaka on the way as that would have been really thrilling. Unfortunately even though we had 3 days in Wanaka, we only had 1 full day as the other 2 days are actually half-days since we spent half of it on driving. So we decided to choose leisure over adrenaline rush – as skydiving would have taken a full day. If He wills, we will definitely spend more time in Wanaka next time and attempt some skydiving!

I just love New Zealand.<3

Wanaka is such a relaxing place to be. So laid back and unpretentious.

20140302_131439 Streets of Wanaka.

Back to our hotel for dinner, and packing up for the next day as we would be leaving Wanaka late morning (already!?). We would be going back to Queenstown for souvenir shopping and to catch our return flight the day after next. Stay tuned for our last series of adventure in Kiwimoon! 🙂

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