Because the Night Has a Magic Peace

Ahh the golden question of all time. Early bird or Night owl?

As much as I would love and have tried to be an early bird, I would like to admit that I am more productive at night.

Because the night has a certain kind of magical peace that I love. This magical peace enables me to endeavour my magical pieces with a clearer piece of mind.

Unless I have an urgent task to complete, usually after my dawn prayers I am always stoning out in the morning. A cuppa smoothie, coffee or green tea to accompany me wake up my sleepy eyes and mind.

Ironically, I become an early bird when I am overseas. My body clock suddenly changes and I wake up at dawn never to go back to sleep again. Suddenly, everything appears more beautiful, more exciting, more spectacular when I am not in my hometown. This always happens every time, even if I have been to the place more than once.

Such is the irony of life. But what is life without irony? 🙂

Inspired by Daily Prompt: Because the Night

7 thoughts on “Because the Night Has a Magic Peace

  1. I am a night owl too. I function better at night and sleep back again right after fajr. Though I feeel guilty about it since there is a hadith stating barakah for our ummah is in its early morning hours. My late chronotype doesn’t allow me to get up!

    1. I know right! I feel you, sister. I have the exact sentiments regarding that hadith. Even if I sleep early, the next morning I am still a zombie. Funnily, I can stay up easier the moments before fajr instead of after. Lol.

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