An Unexpected Companion

Last Friday saw me unexpectedly losing my 1-year old cat. My favorite cat, Kak Long. This one.

I came home after a long day to the news that Kak Long was found at my block’s ground floor, and that she was already dead. My neighbor informed me that the guys from SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) had done the needful and taken her away.

But this post is not about how she died.

It’s about how she became, unexpectedly, my companion. One of my very best ones.

Despite having had a long day, I couldn’t sleep. I kept expecting her to appear in my bedroom, on my bed, where she always slept. She’d chosen my room to be “her spot”.

2 years ago my brother had brought home a pair of kittens, a male and female. Somewhere along the way, they grew up and gave birth to three kittens. Kak Long was the first one out and we playfully called her Kak Long which stands for the eldest sister. Somehow, the name just stuck with her.

She was very active and the most adventurous out of the whole bunch. Always running here and there, stealing food and bringing it into my room. Disturbing me when I was eating just to get a bite of whatever was on my plate. Sneaking into the cupboard when I opened it. Climbing on the windows and so on.

But she happened to be my favourite. Maybe because we had some similarities, being the eldest and the most adventurous. And although she was the first one, she also seemed to grow slower than the other kittens who were developing faster than her. So even though she was the eldest, she was smaller than her younger siblings, which again I could relate…

And she’d chosen my bedroom, my bed to be her usual spot. Most of the times she’d relax and sleep in there, while the other cats slept in other rooms. Every time I try and pet her head, she usually never refuses, unlike some of the other cats. Maybe I was her favourite too.

Sometimes it seems like she knew when I was sad, snuggling up to me, comforting me in her own unspoken way. Other times she’d just sit beside me while I read a book. She had become my companion, greeting me when I come back home, accompanying me cook in the kitchen being a busybody and waking me up when she got hungry.

When she died, I felt a huge loss. I don’t feel like doing anything. I didn’t expect cats to live forever, but I didn’t expect her to be gone so soon. After all, her parents are still alive. But God took her away first. I guess I expected her to grow older, and then die of old age somewhere in the future instead of a sudden death during her adolescence.. That wouldn’t be as painful to deal with…

Non-pet lovers might say, but you have other cats… However, it’s not the same when you have a bond with one. Just like human beings, you can’t say “but you have other friends” when your best friend dies right?

Kak Long, you were more than just a cat but a companion to me. I thank God for lending you to me all this while. I will miss you dearly.

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