Love is Being Together and Being Apart

Today my “Don’t Be Sad” class has come to an end. Ustaz started off the first weeks of class with “Live”, and then “Laugh” and then coming to the end of the sessions, the topic was about “Love”. Which explains why there has been a transformation of sorts over at this blog! But so far, I am loving this makeover.

And last Saturday, I went to the Muslimah Discourse and Afternoon Tea organized by Halal Universe, a networking event discussing about women and smart investing. My main purpose of being there was to cover the event, but I also wanted to learn and gain knowledge of investing the halal way. Alhamdulillah, my article came out in the papers today and I will share more soon InsyaAllah.

Anyway, I came to the session with some blank name cards so that I can fill in manually and give to others. I do it manually instead of printing because I just prefer it this way for now since I don’t have an official business. So I also included this blog as my website details and as I was writing the website address on a couple of those name cards I realized it was becoming a tad too long. The current address sounds better to me and yey, I am liking it so far too.

My next Travel Tuesday series will be my Krabi-Phuket trip in 2010. I love these photos of two birds we came across when we were cycling at Phuket, Nai Yang area exploring the village…

krabi birds 1

krabi birds 2

krabi birds 3

Truly fits the current love theme of this blog doesn’t it? The pictures itself tells a story that only both the birdies know of…

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