The Wedding Dais and Decor

The time has finally come where I can now book the space for my reception, which is going to be held at the void deck of my flat InsyaAllah. It is also just a less than 5-minutes walk from the mosque where my solemnization is going to take place.

Now I shall proceed to share with you the decor company who will be in-charge of making the bare space transform into something gorgeous. I love the company’s, Kasai Sayang, simplicity and elegance, as well as their workmanship. Can’t believe I’m meeting them again after almost a year (the last time I met them in person was around my engagement date, to book them) for a site visit and discuss more of the deco details.

Don’t they all look just simply gorgeous! I love almost all the looks that they have executed. Mine will be a purple, lavender and grey/silver affair, InsyaAllah. I’m getting excited just looking at my pinterest-style moodboards. 😀

A back story on my booking the space: There was actually a minor change in the town council’s policies for booking which made me panic a little. When I called the town council 6 months ago, I was told that you can only book the void deck 3 months before the event and this has been the rule since forever. However when I called recently, I was told that now the advanced 3-months period has been lifted and booking was now on a first-come-first-serve basis! So I was like, no… I hope no one in my block is having the reception on the same day(s) as me. *panic mode*

But all is well, Alhamdulillah. The next day I went to the town council and made the booking. While the lady behind the counter checked their calendar, I was praying silently “Please God, please let it be available for me…” And Alhamdulillah, she informed me that it’s still available! Overwhelming relief swept over me, MashaAllah. I proceeded to fill up the booking form and paid the booking fees. Thank you Allah for making this fall into place perfectly.

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