Foot Reflexology and Wudhu’ (Ablution)

Yesterday, I went for foot reflexology. My left knee somehow will hurt during running and I don’t know why. I stretch, but perhaps I don’t stretch enough. But it is strange that my right knee is fine while only my left knee hurts. No worries though, it only hurts while running long-distance. My legs are fine for daily walking, Alhamdulillah.

It’s been a while since I went for any foot reflexology. I went to my uncle’s shop, Bodicaire and had my feet massaged by his friendly, motherly and firm assistant, Suraya. I told her my the problem with my left knee and she really worked on my knee. Some parts were okay while some left me with “Ouch, that was painful…” But after 30 minutes, my legs and feet feel so much better – more “lighter” and relaxed.


Suraya shared with me that the veins on your feet links to the rest of your body organs, so foot reflexology actually helps to regulate our body’s system. Interesting aye? Hence, it would be good to go for foot reflexology at least once a month.

How to Read a Foot Reflexology Chart

Besides foot reflexology, Bodicaire also provides neck & shoulder massage, upper back massage and also body massage. My aunt who was there as well joked that I needed to have my feet massaged since I would be getting married soon and thus, will need to toughen up my feet and body. Lol thanks, aunt. But in hindsight, I think I might just do it… Wedding planning can be quite a workout itself!

Anyway, it got me thinking how when we take ablution before prayer, one of the compulsory body parts that we have to wash is the feet. Maybe this is why, because by washing the feet we are also washing our whole body. Wow, MashaAllah if that’s true that’s amazing.

Medical Benefit of Wudhu’ (Ablution)

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