Buddying Up for Shape Run 2013

Yesterday I took part in Shape Run with my running buddy Hawanis.

Shape Run is a female-only run organized by Singapore Press Holdings and is held every year. This year, it was held at Nicoll Highway.

We signed up for the 10km Buddy Category so we aimed to run together no matter what.

At 6.30 am we were up and running away!


Hawanis and me have been friends since 2005. We met in NYP’s Adventure and Rockclimbing Club and we’ve been close friend’s ever since. She’s my fellow adventurous running buddy who participates in runs more than me and whom I admire. An Engineer in profession, she has even flown a plane once, having the opportunity to do so during one of her course modules in the Aerospace degree she’s currently pursuing.

with jams

And this is Jamalia whom I first met during the Adidas Sundown half-marathon I took part in this year. How we met is very interesting; we were both 1km from the finish line, which at the time seemed so near yet so far. Feeling tired, I stopped running and started walking. She saw me walking and said, “Hey you can do it!” and proceed to continue running. Moments later, I ran and saw her – walking. So it was my turn to encourage her and then we both ran to the finish line together. Yesterday, I met her again! MashaAllah how I love these new unexpected friendships.

IMG-20131027-WA0002 IMG-20131027-WA0001

Hawanis and me in our usual Muslimah-style running outfit of the day. Me in my usual black running pants, a cotton long-sleeved shirt and jersey shawl.


Our run today wasn’t about beating previous timings but to stick together no matter how fast or slow each other is, so we ran leisurely enjoying the sights along the way…

IMG-20131027-WA0010 IMG-20131027-WA0006

There are markers at every 1km of the whole route, along with motivational sentences such as “Way to go! You are a winner!” which greatly help us keep track and feel awesome even when we’re not.


“Your goal is near!” Just one more km to go!


Alhamdulillah at 8.15am, we finished! It was more fun than competitive, and I got to hang out with my buddy. Thank you Allah for the wonderful morning. 🙂

As an action plan after the run, I aim to get my butt off the couch and run at least 3 to 5km at least once a week InsyaAllah. (Because public declaration works best for commitments like this). I can do it!

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