Wedding Photoshoot Recce

Last two weeks we went to Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) to recce spots for our post-wedding outdoor photoshoot. I thought we would only have one venue for our outdoor photoshoot, but after talking to our photographer it seems like we have more time for more venues to shoot because of the timeline of our reception. I’m happy now thinking of the panoramic wedding shoots we’ll have… Although I might be complaining later what with the heat and being in the several wedding outfits. So anyway, NYP is one of the venues, albeit the most important one, for our wedding photoshoot. We will not be having any studio photoshoot because we both prefer the outdoors. Here are some shots of the potential spots:

The front entrance of NYP, where we said our first hellos to each other after the gig on the way home with the rest of the group.
Back view of the front entrance, which leads to the escalators to the school.
The dome theater, where the band competition “Bandzout” was held.
The newly built Eco Garden in NYP, at block S.
Perfect spot for a wedding portraiture!
One of the ponds in NYP.

Why we chose NYP is very simple. We met in NYP. End of story. Haha. But actually, NYP was just the tip of the iceberg. We were only getting to know each other as acquaintances and then friends (as he was the ex-schoolmate of my then classmate who wanted to go this band competition “Bandzout” to support him and meet some other ex-schoolmates who had come to support him). The rest of history only started after we graduated.

But his version is that he had liked me for a long time before that, when he saw me at this particular bus stop near NYP back in 2005. I only knew him from 2006 onwards when I met him during Bandzout when he participated as the lead guitarist in that band. I went to watch the band competition simply to accompany my then classmate – and also because I was 18 back then and band competitions sounded extremely cool to me. I was in a “lets go baby!” mode. What an enthusiastic-want-to-action-cool teenager I was.

Whichever version it is, it has been written that we were to meet in NYP…and if God wills, he is my jodoh insyaAllah. NYP was actually my third choice of school after the O levels (my first choice was Temasek Polytechnic, followed by Singapore Polytechnic) but being in NYP turned out to be one of the best years of my life MashaAllah. I was involved in many activities, including dabbling in a play, picking up rockclimbing and organizing beneficial events as part of NYPMSN. And then fate has it that I was to meet my other half here, MashaAllah. Only Allah knows. And Allah knows best.

Let’s pray that the photoshoot will go smoothly insyaAllah! 🙂

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