Change is Good (Some Blog Updates).

change is good

Just some blog updates mainly for me (but which I have apparently wished to declare publicly).

Following up to my post on the direction for this blog, after almost a week of blogging according to the categories accordingly I find that keeping to a schedule is really effective for me and makes me more focused in my writing. It’s also been a lot of fun writing and blogging about the topics I’ve been wanting to blog about. But, it has also made me realize how challenging it can be to come up with new and fresh content consistently. I really admire those pro bloggers who do it for a living, man it really is not as easy as it seems. Daily Prompts and the Weekly Photo and Writing Challenges has been very helpful as well!

So I will be changing up some things here; “Smoothie Saturday” and “Spiritual Sunday” will be removed. I realized I did not find myself enjoying writing about smoothies as how I thought I would so I shall just let the pros do it (funny how you discover things through writing, gotta love when that happens!). I also wasn’t very satisfied with the smoothie I made yesterday so I’ve also removed it. I think I’ll just stick with Instagram for smoothie-related things.

“Spiritual Sunday” will be replaced with “Faith Friday” which will be replacing “Friday I’m in Love”. This means that I don’t have any scheduled categories on weekends, which is perfectly fine. I still aim to blog consistently but will leave my weekends free with no specific schedules (uh-oh, the job hazards of a production editor have kicked in, ha-ha). This blog is after all, supposed to be fun 😀

That’s it for now and have a great new week filled with lots of blessings, love and peace.

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