So I have a confession to make.


I can’t get enough of Instagram.

Let me tell you some reasons why I am sort of addicted to IG (short for Instagram):

  • IG has a more ‘cosy’ platform compared to Facebook. Of course, both have different uses but when it comes to photo-sharing, IG is better thumbs up. And what I like is that the photos are not greatly magnified like in FB.
  • You get to edit and filter photos so that your pictures come out looking pretty – and your blemishes are easily concealed. There are apps solely for this purpose and the ones I mostly use are PhotoGrid, Fotorus and Perfect365.
  • Hashtags. I don’t use Twitter so I only use hashtags on IG. I love using hashtags to check out places especially other countries and cities. Right now I’m always checking out #newzealand #lakewanaka #mountcook and the hashtags go on.
  • Also through hashtags can you find common interests and people. Several months ago I started inculcating fruit smoothies and green smoothies into my diet to clear up my skin. So one day I was looking for simple green smoothies to make and literally typed #simplegreensmoothies in the tags search bar. And wallah, there really is an IG page called Simple Green Smoothies run by 2 ladies Jadah and Jen. They even have a website for it and constantly update it with awesome education on fruits & veggies and all things good for your nutrition.
  • Following celebrities on IG. There’s nothing like daily visual updates of my favourite celebrities to feed the fan in me.

Inspired by Daily Prompt: Can’t Get Enough

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