Choosing To Be And Stay Happy


5 Things I’m thankful for today:

1. I’m thankful to be getting married to my wonderful musician, IT-geek fiancé (I still find it weird to call him my fiancé, can you imagine calling him, err, my husband? Feels so “adult”… I knew him since 6 years ago in polytechnic back when we were in our late teenage years so sometimes it feels surreal that we are actually getting married soon (it does not help that we are both leaning on the petite sized spectrum). There are times when I am frustrated over the wedding plans and things not happening the way I want it to be… But I am reminding myself to be thankful for these moments and embrace it insyaAllah. After all, like Ameera from Muzlimbuzz says, the challenges are necessary.

2. I’m thankful I was able to perform my umrah, or mini pilgrimage in 2009. It is Hajj season now and due to the current renovations happening in Makkah causing space constraints in the areas of the Masjidil Haram, the quota for pilgrims this year has shrunk tremendously. The impact this brings to a small country like Singapore is that many would have to wait for a long queue – at least 5 years – despite having sufficient amount of savings and preparations for Hajj. Even though I have not done my Hajj, I am thankful that at least God gave me the opportunity to step into the sacred lands of Makkah and Madinah. Even though it was only for a short period of time (13 days), for me it was the most memorable trip of a lifetime.

3. I’m thankful for my cats. As I am typing this, Kak Long is sitting on my lap about to doze off soon. Having cats made me see that even cats have feelings and their own personalities. I have 4 cats at home and they couldn’t be any more different despite having the same DNA. And having cats gives you the opportunity to do good deeds, as taking care of animals are considered good deeds as well. That was why Abu Hurairah r.a., the Prophet’s companion decided to keep cats as pets. His name “Abu Hurairah” is actually a title given by the Prophet s.a.w. which means “Father of Cats” because he always had a cat following him wherever he went!

4. I’m thankful for my Don’t Be Sad classes every Tuesday nights. I always look forward to the class after a long day at work, especially if the day happened to have had some problems or issues that could give me a headache. Last Tuesday, Ustaz went through with us the contents and meanings of Surah Ad-Dhuha, which means “Morning Light”. In it he reminds us that Allah can overturn one’s condition as He is the One who provides all sustenance. And that the Hereafter will be better than the present…

5. I’m thankful for coming across this saying, “Wealth is not determined by abundance of possessions, but wealth is the richness of the soul.” As human beings we don’t consciously choose to be happy so it is a conscious effort to be happy *and* stay happy. The best thing is that we forget sometimes we don’t have to have much to be happy. I’m choosing happiness, and so should you! 🙂

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