Why I Wear What I Wear


My hijab signifies me as a Muslim woman, as well as covering other parts of my body leaving the hands, feet and face uncovered. Besides that, Islam does not have any auspicious colour that we should avoid wearing.

So for me, I love a mixture of bright colours, prints and textures. My style is pretty practical, I go for comfort but at the same time colourful. I’m not fussy, jeans, skirt and maxi dresses go well with me anytime. Except that I’m a bit more formal at work and don’t wear jeans to work unless it’s dress-down Friday. Also at work (and many times after) I am usually in my glasses; unless I am in the mood for contact lenses. I think these stylish nerd glasses add character, no? And they reflect the writer in me…

On days I have to dress-up extra to go to festive events (top right, top left and second from top left), I usually wear the traditional Malay dress, consisting of a top and skirt (except for the blue and pink dress which is actually a kaftan and an inner).

I sometimes colour block my shawls to my outfits, like the bottom right and second from bottom right outfit. Otherwise, I just match them according to complementary colours in my outfits. My style reflects the way I am; confident and colourful (which I like to think so!).

In future years, I see my style similarly colourful but hopefully more chic and sophisticated. We’ll see how my dress sense will evolve over the next couple of years!

Inspired by Daily Prompt: The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)Man

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