Directing A Direction For My Blog


Lately I’ve been thinking about the direction of my blog. My previous blogs used to be just a random story-of-my-life kinda thing, but I want to make this blog less random and more intentional. I find myself thinking of these questions.

Do I want it to be a documentation of my day to day life happenings? Do I want it to be just a space to practice my writing? Or a travel journal? Of my wedding-related happenings? Or a tool to share knowledge and information? I do know that I want to write about all of them; with blessings and gratitude as the central theme among it all but without sounding all over the place. Having worked in the content department in the publishing industry where everything follows a specific schedule, I have decided to similarly categorize these happenings into weekly blog entries:

Makeful Monday: Starting off the week with making full use of usually dreary Mondays with any “make or create” related entries. Includes pretty crafty stuff.

Travel Tuesday: Adventure and travel posts, including inspiring future travels.

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding plans related blog entries. 5 months to the big day!

Thankful Thursday: My Gratitude Journal will fall under here. Weekly collection of thanks.

Friday I’m in Love!: Favourite day of the week! Anything and everything will fall under this.

Smoothie Saturday: Several months ago I started making and drinking green smoothies and I saw an improvement in my skin (I used to have bad acne in my teen years, although now it has subsided I still get the occasional acne and after drinking green smoothies it seems my acne has stabilized, so yey!). Following Simple Green Smoothies helps a lot! Also will include any running or exercise-related entries to motivate me to work out.

Spiritual Sunday: A wrap-up of the weekly classes I go to as well as any reflective entries about Islam and life in general.

These categories are just a guide for me to have daily blog entries, but will not be restrictive. I’m still experimenting here and someday would love to have a full-fledged online publication covering an array of topics be it broad or niche. I will still use the awesome Daily Prompts and Weekly Challenges as they stretch my mind to think of new ways to write and explore.

Here’s to a new beginning (and praying for consistency)!

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