Recognize your Blessing & Choose to Be Happy.

The recognition of blessing uplifts us. It pulls us away from our pain and puts us in perspective. Think bigger, choose happiness.

I had just blogged about gratitude yesterday and in today’s “Don’t Be Sad” class, my teacher shared with us this quote about blessings. Sometimes we are so lost in our pain that we don’t see the good things that will come out of the adversity. And we also miss out on seeing the blessings that God has presented us in and around the tests itself. Of course, it is easier said than done and for me, it is always after the test is over that I begin to fully see what was the meaning behind all the tears and heartbreak. This quote reminds me to choose to see the blessings inside of the adversity, to be bigger than the pain, because I am bigger than my problems!

*Don’t Be Sad (or La Tahzan) is a class based on the book of a similar title by Dr. ‘Aidh bin Abdullah Al-Qarni. It is conducted in English Language by Ustaz Saifurrahman at Wisma Indah every Tuesday night for 3 months.

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