All Roads Lead to Home

Daily Prompt: Bookworms


…and Rome, too.

I’ve started planning my trip to New Zealand and these two books have been in my head these days.

The Road to Mecca is about the journey of Hungarian journalist Leopold Weiss, or Muhammad Asad, to Mecca, on how he discovered and then embraced Islam.

Wild documents Cheryl Strayed’s journey hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in US after the passing of her mother, in dealing with grief and coming to her own.

I’ve enjoyed reading both books for many different reasons. These two stories, as well as their writing styles, couldn’t be any more different. However, a distinct similarity between these two amazing journeys, in my opinion, is not about the place itself.

But about finding a centre. Finding Him.

Everyone’s journey is different, but in the end all roads lead to the same place – the Creator.

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