Solace at Holland Village Mosque


I’m going to miss this mosque.

At the end of this year, the mosque is going to be demolished as it is not renewing its yearly lease. The mosque has been on a lease renewal basis for the past ten years. (For more details on this mosque and its recent developments, read Fadhuli Taufek’s post on his trip to the mosque).

What this mosque means to me

I’ve heard of the mosque (masjid in Malay) before, but never really knew where it was and never really bothered to find out, until I started working in Buona Vista area two years ago. I was also expecting a prominent building when I was looking for the masjid but was surprised to see a tiny little mosque tucked near the carpark area. I was like, whoa. There is actually a mosque. Here. In this place surrounded by restaurants and bars.

Solace in the business of life
Located among the unlikely.. Solace among the business of life.

My office has a room for prayer though not a musolla per se so I usually do my Zuhur and Asar prayers there. But sometimes, nothing beats going to the mosque during lunch hour for Zuhur and taking a break from the workplace. Over time, the mosque has become my cozy safe place, with its kampung style layout, where I can go have my conversation with God without feeling self-conscious and thinking about work (as compared to praying at my office musolla).

The entrance to the masjid. Feels just like your house door…

I remembered once or twice when I was so stressed up with work and decided to go to the mosque and just cry it out to Allah. You know, those times when you just want to be alone. MashaAllah. It was here that my broken heart was healed many a times in this safe cozy place.

It was also here that I have fond memories of collecting bubur masjid during lunch time in the month of Ramadhan. Sometimes instead of doing my own thing at work during Ramadhan lunchtime I would go to the mosque for some alone time. And since the mosque starts distributing bubur masjid at lunch time to cater to the working crowd, I would always look out for it.

The bubur masjid corner.
The bubur masjid corner.

I will miss this mosque dearly. The day of our departure is coming. This mosque will always have a special place in my heart.

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