My Blogging Journey

I have always kept a journal since my childhood days, so penning down my thoughts were not particularly new to me. I just have this thing where I need to document everything and anything in words so when blogger was all the hype in 2005, I joined the bandwagon. This was before Instagram, Twitter and Facebook came into the picture so it was one of the firsts social media platforms for media and content sharing. So everyone was practically blogging! I remembered my blogroll links were plentiful and my friends and me were always linking each other up and such. I was in polytechnic back then, and we students had plenty of time to sit down and blog about anything and everything.

Now, the existence of micro-blogging social media platforms makes sharing things so much easier and faster. But to me, there is still beauty in writing certain things out. Especially in 2006, when I experienced the loss of a parent, my father, due to a heart condition. It was heartbreaking and the years that follow were difficult and challenging. Blogging helped me go through those hard times somehow a lil bit better.

2005: My first blog on Blogger. I was a polytechnic student back then, in my late teens. I blogged about anything and everything, from school work to school girl crushes to CCA activities. The blog did not have any “themes”,it was very random stuff and was also a cool thing to do during those years seeing that there were no IG and Twitter. I also made good friends along the way through the blog, Alhamdulillah. Sometimes when I am in the mood to reminisce, reading my past entries cracks me up and brings me back to “those days”. I no longer blog there, but have privatized it (some of those posts can be really embarrassing…!).

2008: I moved to WordPress. At this point of my life, I had recently graduated and started working full-time; in my early twenties. So I wanted to blog differently, in a more “grown-up” way (or so I thought). I blogged more on my travels and experiences. Along the way I continued my studies and decided to focus my energy more on the actual studying instead of blogging. This blog was active up till mid-2012 where “life got busy” (perfect excuse for being lazy) and I started blogging less and less. Though I no longer blog there as well, this blog will still be open as I’ll be linking up some travel posts from there.

2013: Back to Blogger – and then to WordPress back again! So fickle-minded this time. Some habits just stick with you… I am engaged to be married and working full-time, in my mid-twenties. It is a space to write and reflect while planning for my wedding and navigating through quarter-life crisis. This quote sums it up the best:

why i write

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