My best friend’s wedding

So last weekend my best friend of 13 years got married.

While I feel so happy for her to finally tie the knot, Alhamdulillah, there’s a part of me that feels sad.

Melancholic, to be exact.

This is normal right?

I shared this with my colleague and she told me it’s normal (phew) because some (many) things change after marriage.

In Islam, the responsibility now lies on the husband instead of her parents and/or herself. Now if I want to ask her out, she will have to go through her hubs before confirming with me. I know, I’m getting married in 6 months time so I’m not too sad lah. Just feeling melancholic at times when I think of our 13-year friendship (I’m aware that if engaged me is feeling this way, what more my single friends, so I’m going to try and be sensitive around them). So since I’m feeling nostalgic now, I will write a bit about how Aisyah and I met and became friends.


It was December 1999, after I got to know I that was posted to Pasir Ris Secondary School.

We had to attend an orientation and I went up to my classroom 1/3.

I think I must have came late because the only two seats left were the ones in the most front, and at the centre. I was too nervous to look around and end up sitting at one of the seats.

Few moments later, a girl sat beside me. We smiled nervously at each other. The time came when we had to write something and this girl asked me, “boleh pinjam pen?” (Can I borrow your pen?).

So I lent her my pen and that was our first conversation.

Funnily it was only after that that we asked each others’ names.

Her name was Aisyah and many a conversation followed afterwards.


I could write an essay on our friendship but we basically have seen each other in best and worst moments. I hated her for a while too (some childish secondary school stuff).

We even worked together and sold pillows for Mothers’ Day. That was one of our best “business” projects (the only one, to be exact) and we had loads of fun doing it. It’s not easy to work with your best friend unless you met through work or projects, but with Aisyah it was possible because we managed to contribute our different set of skills and communicate our differences.

She is also one of the best persons to talk to because she listens without judging, she’s funny and have a peculiar sense of humour (haha) and I love our chemistry.

Sigh can you tell I am missing her already?

May your marriage be blessed with lots of happiness, love, peace and tranquillity. May Allah always put mawaddah (love between husband and wife) and rahmah (mercy) in your marriage insyaAllah.

I love you always, and can’t wait for your babies!

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