6 months to the wedding

I have approximately 6 months to the big day.

That’s right, only half a year to February 2014.

Before one of my best friends Aisyah got married we used to jokingly remind each other that come her wedding, I’m next on the list.

And now the 6 months countdown have arrived… THE NERVES OMYGOD! I almost feel irritated that Aisyah’s wedding is over coz now I have to get back to “work”. Haha.

So now to soothe my stressful heart, I shall list down some updates I have at this moment:

Things I have booked and confirmed:

Decor: Kasai Sayang

Food: Puteri Wedding Services

Bridal: Make-up artist/mak andam booked (outfits will be self-sewn and tailored).

Videography: Bizkode

Photobooth: My bridesmaids’ awesome work

Current pending items as at 6 months:

DJ (preferably one with da’wah style)

Photographer (preferably female photographer)

Invitation cards

Wedding cake

Will be posting updates as I go along InsyaAllah! Meanwhile, prayers are much needed please 🙂

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